Xtreme Files

This section of the website is dedicated to locations throughout the world that offer rafting. The following exerts are personal anecdotes written by experienced Croatian rafters. We hope these anecdotes will entice you to experience rafting for yourself...


Xtreme No. 1

Xtreem No. 1Africa- Zambia. The most dangerous place for rafting in the world. What does it look like? Find out here! Attention- this is not for the faint hearted!!!


Xtreme No. 2 !!!

Xtreem No. 2South America- Costa Rica. Anecdotes written by Vedran Badjun (experienced Croatian International rafting skipper). In this anecdote Vedran will give you several valuable tips concerning extreme rafting. Donít miss out on reading this!


Xtreme No. 3

Xtreem No. 3Croatia- Zrmanja. This anecdote is from the canyon on the river Zrmanja. I believe this anecdote proves the Zrmanja qualifies as a river suitable for extreme rafting

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